David Gold is a remarkable man with an even more improbable story.

His autobiography is one of the most amazing rags to riches stories ever told because this one begins on the very bottom rung of the ladder and finishes at the very top for this self-made multi-millionaire.

The beguiling tale starts with genuinely abject poverty and extreme ill health in the back streets of the East End of London in the austerity of the war years, and concludes with an extensive business empire, private helicopters and jets, and a magnificent mansion in the heart of the Surrey countryside.

Most importantly to Gold, he also won a significant personal battle over his despised father.

The entrepreneurial businessman is now the charismatic chairman of West Ham United football club and chairman of the hugely successful retailer Ann Summers, now run by his daughters Jacqueline & Vanessa Gold.  In May 2005 he bought the oldest surviving FA Cup trophy for almost half a million pounds at auction to prevent it going to Germany.


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“Bought this book for my husband – a West Ham FC supporter – he loved the book and the insight into David Gold’s rise from rags to riches. Would recommend.”
L. S. Jackson,

“Excellent loved it from start to finish. This book was amazing can not believe all the things can happen to one man it’s an excellent read and a eye opener.”
Steven Chapman,

“Good to get a better knowledge of the guy who owns my club , and after reading this I feel confident things can only get better , he’s taken some knocks over the years but fought back time and time again , this is a interesting read and I recommend reading it.”
Steve H,

“A very inspirational book. Literally rags to riches. The bit about the Richardsons is chilling. I can highly recomend this book.”
Philip Davis,

“I have so much respect for this man and his family after reading this. I am looking forward to the added chapters now he is with west ham!!”
Rachel Hothi,

“An excellent easy read and a fascinating story. David Gold is too easily dismissed by certain people because of some of the businesses he has been involved in but read this and your view will change.”
D Connolly,

“David Gold is very honest in his recollections of his life. An interesting man that doesnt pull his punches. Good read.”

“It is a very informative and interesting book and I am glad I bought it.”
Gael Hughes-Jones,

“Age 8, recovering from TB,
I have just finished reading your autobiography and I couldn’t let the occasion pass without giving you my feedback… I wanted to tell you that your book was a great read which I enjoyed enormously. I read a lot of autobiographies (Faldo, montgomery, Botham, Shilton, Mansell and Barry Fry to name some) and I have to say that I enjoyed yours more than all the others.”
Kevin Boulton

“Dear Mr Gold,
I’ve just read your book and had to write to say how much I enjoyed reading it, in fact I’d go as far as saying it’s probably the best autobiography that I’ve read (and I have read quite a few!)

Thank you for sharing some of your life stories, and I wish you well in the future.”
Stephen Crane

“Dear Mr Gold,
I have just finished reading your autobiography – PURE GOLD – and felt it necessary to write and congratulate you on an inspiring and fascinating story. If there was ever a definitive epitome of rags to riches then this would be it. I would advise anybody with aspirations to succeed in life to read this book and reread it in times of despair.”
Patrick A Davis
Tyne & Wear

David Gold is a remarkable man with an even more improbable story. Read it here.